Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let us know what's on your mind Chicago..

Feel free to suggest new topics that are related to the Chicago DJ Scene, Club Culture & Parties. (Please do not post party or club flyers on this Blog)


JDLP said...

I have changed the layout a little bit, this seems to be a bit easier to see.

Nigel V Ridgeway said...

hey jesse. something i've thought about for awhile is the idea of a chicago dj union. all styles, all levels of talent, experience, & profile etc...

it may be a touchy subject, and could be easily corrupted since this is chicago and all haha. but initially this idea was born right after i lost my weekend residencies at sub-t back in '06. i went from making a very comfortable living to having to take $50 a night gigs. over time the higher paying residencies came back into the picture, but there was a definite lull. having a union could've either protected the subt residency, ensured another residency more quickly, and/or covered compensation until a new job arose.

i realize that some of us have day jobs and others dj full time but in either case many of us are paid off bar %, door, or by a promoter. and stable $ and gigs aren't always there. but that's even more reason for a union. this is OUR industry after all, and especially if the promoters ordinance goes through, we need a strong collective voice with political strength.