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KOOL HERC (Creator of Hip hop) Fundraiser in Chicago


Come together for the the man who gave us Hip Hop.. Kool Herc is ill & doesn't have Health Care.. please make a donation or come out to support this Thursday night to Butterfly Social Club (7pm-12am) After Party at Empire Liquor with special guest DJ D-Styles (Beat Junkies) - FREE!!!


More info::

This is the only address I have come across for donations posted on DJ PREMIER'S twitter page (@REALDJPREMIER)

For all donations for Kool Herc....
send to: Kool Herc Production PO Box 20472 Huntington Station, NY 11746

More from Premo's Blog: Listen to his message

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DMC Championship goes on line..

Sundance: Why Phife Dawg Broke Down at the Premiere of A Tribe Called Quest’s New Doc

Q-Tip has made it very clear that he and his fellow members of A Tribe Called Quest don’t support Michael Rapaport’s documentary, Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, which premiered at Sundance Saturday night. So it was a bit of a shock when during the post-screening Q&A, ATCQ member Phife Dawg stood up and approached the microphone.

Rapaport had had two and a half years of pretty great interview access and backstage concert footage, and much of Tribe’s catalogue is featured in the soundtrack. So it’s been a bit of a guessing game figuring out what caused Q-Tip to turn on the project. Our best guess is that there’s a pretty big gulf between agreeing to participate in a documentary about your legacy and watching raw, emotional footage of your group breaking up.

“I want to let you all know that I’m not that bad of a guy,” Phife told the crowd, which had just watched him passionately ranting against Q-Tip in interview footage. “But it is real life and I’m glad Mr. Rapaport was able to bring it to you in such a great way. So thanks, man, for real.” The audience had been extremely animated, rapping along and laughing and cheering throughout the screening. Phife seemed to enjoy soaking it in. That is, until someone asked him why the band wanted to do the documentary when Tribe, interpersonally, was in such a bad place.

Phife began answering the question, then had to stop. “I wish … ” he began, then, voice choked, buried his head on the podium. “They don’t understand. Like, I listened to your guys’ responses throughout the movie. Q-Tip has no idea how many people love him … I just wish they were all here to witness how much love you guys showed this movie.” (See the very special moment below, filmed and cut by Beats editor Lenny Mesina.)

As Rapaport explained to us the next day while watching the Packers game with Phife, he’d shown the movie to Q-Tip multiple times. “From what he told me, he loves the movie. He thinks it’s going to be hugely successful, critically acclaimed. You can quote that … And one day he just decided he didn’t like it. I don’t know. I’m not sure what happened.” And since then, the two of them have only communicated through the media and Twitter. Even so, Rapaport bought Q-Tip and Jarobi White, who also didn’t show, two first-class tickets each to come to Park City and booked them hotel rooms. (The fourth member, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, had a prior engagement in Europe, but both Rapaport and Phife think he would have come.) And he was still hopeful they might come, until they didn’t. Said Rapaport, “A Tribe Called Quest has been broken up. I deal with them individually. I’ve never been in a room with all four of them. I think they’re all grown men They’re all adults. They all make decisions on their own. So why Phife came here, he wanted to be here. And why the other guys didn’t come here, they didn’t want to be here.”

When he wasn't yelling at the football game, Phife told us that he, too, had qualms about coming and didn’t decide to until a week before the premiere. But, he said, “I spoke to my mom and she pretty much put the nail in the coffin: ‘You better go and enjoy this, because it’s something that doesn’t happen every day. It’s a movie about your guys’ life and your music and your legacy. The least you could do is enjoy it.’”

Phife says he still talks to Q-Tip. They just stick to topics like, “Sports, what’s going on, how’s your family.” They’re still friends and brothers after all, even if making music together no longer seems feasible. And it’s because they love each other, says Phife, that Sundance has been so bittersweet. He says he’s “definitely” glad he came, but, he adds, “I really truly and honestly wish all of them could be here, but definitely Q-Tip, because I don’t know if he really understands, recognizes, realizes how much love he gets off top, without question. Know what I mean? And he’s very hard on himself. We’re 40 now and it’s time for him to realize, recognize, and enjoy the benefits of what we worked for our whole lives.”

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*NEW* Ali Shaheed Talks Tribe Documentary, Production & Memorable

Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Phife Dawg Weigh In On A Tribe Called Quest Documentary

by Omar Burgess

In Q-Tip's absence, Ali Shaheed Muhammad encourages fans to go see "The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest," while Phife thanks fans and Michael Rapaport.

Q-Tip’s stance on the upcoming A Tribe Called Quest documentary, “The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest,” is still somewhat unclear, as he’s only expressed his feelings about the movie via Twitter. Earlier in January, Q-Tip called the film unfinished and hinted at “being taken advantage of,” while talking about the movie on his Twitter feed. When director Michael Rapaport premiered the film at the Sundance Film Festival, Phife appeared but Q-Tip did not.

Tribe member Phife Dawg recently told New York magazine he also had reservations about showing up at the premiere of the film, but when he arrived at Sundance, he was supportive.

“I spoke to my mom and she pretty much put the nail in the coffin: ‘You better go and enjoy this, because it’s something that doesn’t happen every day,” Phife told New York magazine. During an emotional moment at Sundance, Phife addressed the crowd directly about his initial misgivings.

“I want to let you all know that I’m not that bad of a guy,” Phife added. “But it is real life and I’m glad Mr. Rapaport was able to bring it to you in such a great way. I listened to your guys’ responses throughout the movie. Q-Tip has no idea how many people love him…I just wish they were all here to witness how much love you guys showed this movie.”

Ali Shaheed Muhammad had a prior commitment in the UK, but he was also supportive of the film when recently interviewed by The Hip Hop Chronicle.

“I think you’ll be well-pleased with the documentary,” Muhammad said. “It actually premieres right now…in a few hours. I’m out here, and I wish I was there with the team to support it. But I think for those people who are real, true fans of A Tribe Called Quest, we felt that sentiment. We’ve heard it from other people, especially with certain things that were leaked out about the film. Believe that we are really A Tribe Called Quest fans in addition to being in the group. We understand.”

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Just blaze.. mix.. (I Got A New Mixer)


I just bought the pioneer djm-2000. I had no speakers for this mix.. (it was 5am) only headphones. couldnt wait to try it out tho. being that i had no speakers and couldnt monitor well, there are obviously mistakes and screw ups. but it was all in fun i was just learning the mixer, this thing has a zillion and one features and i was using them all at once! =D. i actually ended up having some moments! dont judge me. just having some fun with a new toy. I will upload a real follow up now that im a little comfortable with this thing. i definitely got in a little zone at like 1 hour 27 minutes. enjoy and dont laugh AT me please.. laugh with me =)

From Just Blaze:

Just recorded a 3 hour mess of a mix. 90s rave, 80s pop, trance, disco house and.. Nelly furtado? If it's not too embarrassing I'll upload.

ATrak’s Minimalist Setup

DJ Scratch Killing The iPad

DJ AMPM lives on music day and night

In the a.m., DJ AMPM-aka Alycia Ryan-works at Gramaphone Records as their hip-hop buyer. In the p.m., she spins everything from southern hip-hop to R&B and old-school soul music. Friday on "Eight Forty-Eight" she gave a sampling of her sound throughout the hour. At the end of the program, DJ AMPM down with host Alison Cuddy to talk about what gets her turntables spinning.

DJ AMPM spins a couple of weekly residencies: Thursday nights she’s at ñ in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood and Fridays she spins southern hip-hop and more at Zentra on Chicago’s near North Side.

DJ AMPM Mini-Set:

Sugar Hill Gang, "Apache (Jump On It)"
Bobby Byrd, "I Know You Got Soul"
Willie Hutch "Brother's Gonna Work it Out"
Showbiz and A.G., "Party Groove"
J. Cole, "Who Dat" (instrumental)
Slim, "So Fly" (instrumental)
Big Pun, "You Came Up" (instrumental)

More of the show:

Download DJ AMPM's Mini Mix here:

DJ AMPM Fan Page

Old School Chicago House Music (Video Flashback)


A Tribe Called Quest Doc Director Michael Rapaport Talks Q-Tip Rift

It's our belief that every great rap group deserves a great documentary and thankfully, the legendary A Tribe Called Quest's homage is debuting at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. But along with the good news came a very public rift between group member Q-Tip and the doc's directors Michael Rapaport.

Late last year, the MC made his quibbles with the film's depiction of the group known publicly, but the New York native Rapaport says it's all just showbiz jitters.

"I think the reason he did his little Twitter thing was because when he realized that the movie was coming to completion and going to get seen by people," Rapaport said. "I can’t really speak for him but I think he got a little nervous. He’s a very protective of the legacy of A Tribe Called Quest and the movie is a very honest depiction of my time with them and the information that I was given in interviews and content."

As for the "few requests" Tip said ATCQ made of Rapaport that weren't acknowledged, the "Higher Learning" actor says Q-Tip wasn't speaking for the group.

"He was speaking on behalf of himself and his biggest request was to be protective of the legacy of Tribe," Rapaport said. "So when the film was coming to completion, he got a little bit nervous because he wants to be seen in a certain way."

And while he's a loyal ATCQ fan, the director said he wanted to be do the group's story justice.

"I adore ATCQ and my intention wasn’t to ever make them feel uncomfortable but my intention was never to make a fluff piece so we kind of hit a bump in the road," he said. "And we promoted [the film together]. Q-Tip and me were on the radio talking about 'This is going to be the real story of A Tribe Called Quest.' When I say 'the real story' that doesn’t mean that there’s going to be crazy sh--. I didn’t unveil any secrets. From what I’ve learned Q-Tip and Phife have known each other their whole lives and they are like a family. And like any family, like any group — the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, EPMD, Public Enemy — they’ve had bumps in the road. I just think that because A Tribe Called Quest is so precious to fans, they were concerned about unveiling some of those things."

As for whether the group will be there at Sundance to introduce the film en masse, Rapaport is hopeful.

"He’ll supporting the movie. As he said in his Sirius radio interview, he’s a producer on the film," he said. "I would assume a producer on the film to be supporting the movie. The thing about a documentary is — and this is what I told the guys — the way you guys look at it is never going to be the way the world looks at it. You’re looking at it in way more detail than anyone else. No one is going to scrutinize it the way you guys will. It’s like when you look in the mirror and you’re like ‘I have this pimple on my face, I can’t go out.’’ And your boyfriend, girlfriend or your mom is going to say ‘Oh, it’s not a big deal, I can barely notice it.’

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Masters of the Mix (Full season)

Not sure if you guys have been watching this? It's been out for some months now..
But it's deff.. worth checking out, I'm hooked.. but I don't have cable at the moment, so this is my way of catching up on it. Enjoy!

(Once you get to the site.. you do have to enter a birthday (Age verification) since it's on a Liquor sponsored website. Once you are there.. go to the top and hit the episodes drop down which one you want to see.

Masters of the Mix official site

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I was fortunate enough to catch him in Chicago at Rumba back a few months ago. Good stuff.. Looking forward to his return.. until then.. Enjoy this lil treat. JDLP

A great mix of Latin Music, old & new, organic & electronic.
A sweet intro into 2011….

Download mix here:

Mark Ronson And The Black Lips Unite In The Recording Studio

by Julia Kaganskiy January 03, 2011

When the Black Lips set off to record their latest studio album, they decided to try something new—working with a professional producer for a change. Though the album will be the band’s sixth studio album to date, they’ve always chosen to produce themselves. Surprisingly, pop wunderkind Mark Ronson topped their wish list of “dream producers,” which may seem like an unlikely choice for the lo-fi, garage rock sound of Black Lips, but Ronson’s old school, ‘60s recording style and Grammy-nominated work on Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black proved that he had the proper aural aesthetic to capture and refine the band’s vintage-inspired sound.

Intrigued by this unique creative collaboration, we followed the band into the studio where they quickly established a common language with their newest addition. The guys found that Ronson not only had the objective distance necessary to suggest tweaks and improvements that could take the music to the next level, but more important, he just got the sound. How often can you say to someone, “Dude, can you make it sound more spooky? More ghostly?” and have them know exactly what you mean? Those kinds of bonds of understanding are rare, especially with musicians from such different backgrounds.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves here, but after watching the video above, we have the feeling this may be the beginning of a bee-yoo-tee-ful friendship. Look for the album out on Vice Records in 2011.

Image courtesy of Matthew Frost.

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More from Mark Ronson

Hype Machine Radio Show: January 2011 by hypem

Cool Site.. "Rave Archive" DJ Mixtapes, Party Flyers, Scene Zines & Forums

Rave Archive

List of artists with new tapes added (65 total!) since the last update:

Adam X, Alton Miller, Boy Blake, Carl Cox, Caz, Chad Minddrive (2), ChrisE, Clarkee (2), DB (2), Dean Decosta (2), Destructo, DJ Sneak, Doc Martin,Doran, DRC, Dutch, Frankie Bones (2), Glenn Garcia, Halo, Hipp-E, Jahred, James Johnson (2), Jeno (2), John Howard, Jon Williams, Josh Werner(2), Josh Wink (2), Ken Meier, Mark Farina (3), Mark Verbos, Marques Wyatt, Nigel Richards, Pat Egan, Pete Moss (3), Phantom 45, Richard Hinge,Robbie Hardkiss, Simon, Simply Jeff, Spun, Terry Francis, Terry Mullan (3), Thomas Michael, Tony, Urbane, Vitamin D, X-Dream, Xanadu & a bunch.

Thanks guys JDLP

Laptop Buying Guide by Matthew Cleland

Buying a laptop can be a daunting task these days. Numbers and codenames are bandied around looking impressive and are generally not all that helpful or in some cases misleading.

This guide will help you understand what to look for when buying a laptop and allow you to make a decision you are happy with for hopefully a long time.


Your laptop needs will change depending on your intended use. Make sure you think about and try to isolate what you will be wanting your laptop for.

* Scratch Live
* Music production
* Video editing and production
* Graphics
* Business/office use
* Internet/music downloading
* Or a combination of these


Internet use

Anytime you access the internet you are exposed to potentially harmful computer viruses. Windows machines are particularly susceptible to computer viruses, where as Macs are not. Even with protection software, you may find that your computer becomes infected with viruses if you're not careful.

Music production or video editing use

Are you wanting to use your computer for music production? Graphics or video editing? These kinds of use place a much greater strain on your computer than most other applications. You will want to get a better laptop than if you were just using it for DJ work. If you are using it for visual work, make sure it has a good graphics card, large screen and a sizable and reliable hard drive. Under specification machines will struggle to perform with these kinds of applications, even if they work well with other software.

Large Media Library

If you have a large music and/or video library you'll probably need a large internal hard drive. While we recommend you try to keep your media on your laptop's internal hard drive, it is becoming more common to use external hard drives to store large media libraries. Keep in mind the limitations of using external USB devices, and make sure that your computer can handle plugging in all the USB hardware you require.


Unlike audio programmes such as Scratch Live or ITCH, Video-SL is very resource intensive, and as such will perform better with a more powerful laptop, especially one with a good graphics card. Video-SL scales its performance to your card, i.e. the better the card, the better the performance.

Look for a laptop with a suitable video output. DVI is a recommended digital connection, which will provide the best quality. VGA is an analog standard for many computer monitors. There is also S-Video for analog televisions.


If you are primarily going to use the laptop for DJing, then it won't necessarily need to be top of the line, and you should investigate portable and light machines.

Look at what you need if you have a select criteria, then aim to purchase a machine that will meet these needs. Set yourself a budget, and try to stick to it. It is worthwhile doing some research into computers that other users have found stable and good value.

You will always be paying a premium for the best technology, the fastest chips, the biggest hard drives, or the most RAM. Be aware that each new generation of computer will bring down the previous model’s price, so there are some good deals to be had by waiting, or not buying the latest and greatest.

MAC vs. PC

Many users get very passionate and worked up about advantages and disadvantages of Mac and PC computers. Choosing which suits you best really depends on what you need. Mac’s for example don’t have anywhere near the amount of viruses that Windows based machines are exposed to. Mac users seem less likely to be plagued by many of the small (to large) conflicts that Windows users suffer from. You will find that Macs need less tweaking than Windows machines, so for new users, or those wanting less hassles, buying a Mac might save time and stress.

With Macs you will be limited to the small selection of hardware they offer. On the flip side, you can get a fairly powerful Windows machine quite cheaply, or a top of the line machine that uses the best parts available at any particular time.

Evidence indicates that there is little difference in price between Macs and Windows PCs with similar specifications, but there’s a much greater range of Windows machines. If you are looking for a cheap laptop, then you will have more choice for Windows systems.


Laptops aren’t all created equal. You may find that two laptops with the same CPU, RAM and hard drive specifications can be polar opposites in terms of performance and stability.

When buying a laptop, you get what you pay for. There is some truth to the idea that you pay for the brand; often bigger brands have better build qualities, more advanced drivers, more extensive research and development, and greater bulk purchasing power for parts. Laptops with similar specs on paper may run quite differently, so it is worth doing some research and testing before you make a purchase.

Even with high specifications, this doesn’t mean the laptop's internal architecture, motherboard, graphics card, chipset, drivers, operating system or software will allow you to use these optimally.

We highly recommend that you always try to test your Serato product with any potential laptop purchase.

Laptop internal architecture is much the same as desktop computers, only in a smaller enclosure. Each component may need to be smaller, more power efficient, and most likely more expensive. You shouldn't expect to get anywhere near the performace from a laptop as you do your desktop.


For minimum specifications go here:

Scratch Live:




Kids These Days - Darling (Music Video)

These kids are doin it! What a pleasant surprise. JDLP

DJ DRM & Captain Planet - Deep Thaw Mix

DJ DRM & Captain Planet - Deep Thaw Mix by bastardjazz


Although the Captain has moved on to the sunny pastures of Los Angeles, we managed to catch up in Brooklyn during the holidays on a typically iced over afternoon and record another seasonal mix for y'all. Lots of classic favorites of ours from across the board to warm you up this winter, plus plenty of unreleased sounds forthcoming from Bastard Jazz, BSTRD Boots, Captain Planet himself, and some extended friends and family.

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Peace, DJ DRM


1. Onra - Long Distance - All City
2. Bing Ji Ling - Sunshine Love (Ray Mang Remix) - Lovemonk
3. Brownout - Slinky (CaZ Remix) - Six Degrees
4. Kinka - LLC - unreleased
5. The Mgababa Queens - Maphuti (Captain Planet Remix) - Unreleased
6. Las 4 Monedas - Buena Suerte (Whiskey Barons Edit) - BSTRD Boots Unreleased
7. Johnny Clarke - None Shall Escape The Judgement (Kid Gusto Remix) - Unreleased
8. Negghead - You (78 edit) - Wax On Promo
9. Boohgaloo Zoo - Testify (Soulphiction's Boogie Version) - Lovemonk
10. Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane - Warp
11. Space Ranger - Shave Me, I'm Famous (Ajello Remix) - Lovemonk
12. Space Dimension Controller - Transatlantic Landing Bay - R&S Records
13. Captain Planet - Untitled - Bastard Jazz unreleased
14. Pablo Sanchez & Watch TV - Sunstar (Zeb Remix) - Justified Cause
15. Yosaku & DJ Day - The Bottle - BSTRD Boots
16. Teaspoon & The Waves - Oh Yeh Soweto (Sofrito Edit) - Sofrito Super Singles
17. Cosmic Force - Trinidad Bump - Superbro
18. Talking Drums - Courage - Sticky Records
19. Freeez - Southern Freeez - Beggar's Banquet

Kid Sister - Kiss Kiss Kiss (Mix) download

New Rane SL 4 for Scratch Live

I guess I'm kinda glad I waited & didn't pick up the SL 3 : D

Serato / Rane

New Jamiroquai video "Lifeline"

Take a trip around the world with Jamiroquai with this new music video from the upcoming album Rock Dust Light Star. This new song is called “Lifeline,” not yet released in the US.

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He Who Walks 3 Ways (Chicago Hip Hop) Lower Links Days

If you don't know.. ya better ask somebody!


Tom Tom Club’s Chris Frantz on 30 Years of ‘Genius of Love’

Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” is one of the most ubiquitous songs in all of pop music. The signature cartoonish backbeat has been sampled by everyone from Mariah Carey (“Fantasy”) to Mark Morrison (“Return of the Mack”). This month the band — comprised of husband and wife duo Chris Frantz (drums) and Tina Weymouth (bass) — celebrate their 30th anniversary by reminding the world that, as much as “Genius of Love” has become ours, it’s really still theirs. Tonight the band, who initially formed as a Talking Heads side project, perform “Genius” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and tomorrow they’ll reclaim the stage at New York’s Irving Plaza, bringing their career full circle: Tom Tom Club was the first band to play the storied venue back in 1978. We spoke with Frantz to find out how it feels to still be ahead of the game, even after 30 years.

When the Tom Tom Club started out, dance music and hip-hop were not considered mainstream. Rock and roll was what you played to make money.

Tina and I have always put art before commerce every time.

Now commerce seems to have caught up — dance music and hip-hop are now what reign on the charts, right?

I guess you have a point there — what I meant was we never think about, "Oh, if we did this then we’ll get played on a certain radio station." We just go for what’s in our hearts and it seems to have worked well for us. We don’t always have huge financial success in everything we do … hang on, the dog is barking. Our beagle.

"Genius of Love" has been sampled so many times, folded and woven into pop culture since its release. It feels like the song has a legacy that mirrors the larger trajectory of music in general. Does that resonate for you?

It was a song that was pioneering. At the time there was nothing that sounded like it, and frankly, except for the people that have sampled it, there still isn’t.

Where did you come up with that hook?

We were down at Compass Point Studios in Nassau in the Bahamas, where we had made two albums — More Songs About Buildings and Food and Remain In Light — prior to that with the Talking Heads. We loved to work there. And [Island Records founder] Chris Blackwell said, “Come on down, make a single, and if I like it, then you can do the whole album." Chris Blackwell is a guy who realizes that drums and bass can really drive a hit song — a lot of people still thought it was the singer or the guitar player, but he knew differently, having worked in reggae and also with plenty of British bands that had great rhythm sections. The first song we recorded was “Wordy Rappinghood.”

Which is fantastic …

We knew we wanted to do something that people can dance to. With Talking Heads, we had become really well known, but we wanted to make a departure so that we weren’t just doing the same thing with different people. And this was the music we liked. When we wanted to relax and have a good time, we’d put on Bohannon or Parliament Funkadelic, not the Clash. They’re fantastic, but to unwind and have a good time, we preferred Smokey Robinson and the Miracles or James Brown. We also loved reggae music. We were aware of this early new kind of — they didn’t even call them remixes then, they called them megamixes — extended mixes of songs.

How did that bring you to “Genius of Love”?

We worked with a young engineer, Steven Stanley, who knew how to record things in a sort of reggae style. Even though we came out of the punk subculture, by the time we were doing Tom Tom Club we were way beyond punk. There was this one song that I loved called “More Bounce to the Ounce” by a group called Zapp, and “Genius of Love” was inspired by that. If you listen side by side, they’re very different, but the feel of it — a laid-back kind of groove as opposed to a hyper, cocaine kind of groove — it was more laid back and I think that’s one of the reasons why it continues to be perfect for people to rap over. Or play basketball to.

Yes. It’s not aggressively frenetic …

We were also inspired by Kraftwerk. The song sounds nothing like Kraftwerk, but it has space between the notes that a Kraftwerk song would have. A kind of minimalist approach.

Did you know you had something extraordinary when you stumbled on it?

I had an idea. But it wasn’t until Tina did a photo session for a little magazine called New York Rocker — this photographer Laura Levine took a picture of Tina with Grandmaster Flash, both of them with their boomboxes. Grandmaster Flash had his thing, The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel, his first release, and we had the first Tom Tom Club release. And both were doing really well downtown, at the Mudd Club and Danceteria. So after the photo session Tina brought Grandmaster Flash up to the studio where we were working on The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads and Grandmaster Flash said, “You know you’re going to be hearing this [“Genius of Love”] beat a lot.” And I said, “You think so?” And he said, “I know so. It’s going to be famous.” Of course, he was absolutely right.

Originally found here:

Link to video:

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David Bowie - "Golden Years (Jeremy Sole remix)"

To celebrate the release of David Bowie’s re-mastered Station to Station, EMI Records asked 4 KCRW DJs, Jeremy Sole, Anthony Valadez, Eric J Lawrence, and Chris Douridas, to each remixed the album’s lead single, “Golden Years”. Station to Station was recorded in Los Angeles, so it was fitting for some of KCRW’s leading tastemakers to take on the task, with each remix heard by Bowie himself. Each DJ took a unique path in recreating, deconstructing or re-imagining the classic song.

DJ Jeremy Sole flew across the country to work with Victor Axelrod, aka Ticklah, the keyboardist for Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra and Amy Winehouse, among others. They replayed the song in a full live setting in Brooklyn’s Dunham Studios — along with members of Budos Band, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, and Menahan Street Band — recording 100% analog to 2” tape to get a vintage feel.

"My plan was to not remix, but re-play the song in a full live setting, as if in 1975 Bowie recorded the original and then flew to Brooklyn (or even Jamaica) to cut another take with “my” players. Everything was recorded 100% analog to 2” tape. All equipment that was available before 1975. My approach was to take influence of the Jamaican musicians (and recording styles) of the mid-seventies, and their infatuation with American Soul music. If you dig it, that would be great. Knowing that BOWIE digs it, I’m over the moon."

David Bowie - "Golden Years (Jeremy Sole remix)" by Jeremy Sole

Gotta give it up to my good friend Jeremy Sole Musaics on this one!

The History of the Boombox - NPR Music

Here is my Boom Box (The Classic Conion C-100F) it was featured in
Common's "I Used To Love H.E.R" Music Video.. Hey Rashid..
I want my power cord back, you never returned it!!! LOL

New DJ Nu-Mark Mix

Nu-Mark is an L.A. DJ veteran. His innovative DJ routines and creative stage show have made him a favorite of crowds all over the world, sharing the stage with the likes of Mos Def, The Roots, RUN DMC, Green Day, and Outkast. Nu-Mark is the first DJ to incorporate children’s music toys in his explosive sets.

Recognized for his pioneering work with Jurassic 5, DJ Nu-Mark is best known for his production on the anthem “What’s Golden”. Nu is putting the finishing touches on his debut solo release Broken Sunlight to be released in early 2011.

But in the meantime VTech and Mochilla present an exclusive look inside his forthcoming mix CD “Take Me With You…” with this exclusive 20 minute download…

A Note About “Take Me With You”

When you’re headed out the door for your next vacation “Take Me With You”. This mix is intended to travel with you on your next tropical adventure to paint the musical background for your trip.

I was inspired to make a mix that captures funk inspired rhythms from music I’ve collected on my tours/travels around the world. The goal of this mix is to show the rhythmic similarities between Samba, Cumbia, Calypso, Rhumba, Afro-Beat and Balkan Beats in well blended mix.


-DJ Nu-Mark (Uncle Nu)

Take Me With You will be available in all quality stores on January 18th but sooner for sure through Mochilla.

Download 20 min sample Mix here:

Casey Spooner ft Jake Shears – Spanish Teenager (Derrick Carter remix)

Fischerspooner’s Casey Spooner
with the vocal support of Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters)
remixed by Derrick Carter


Boom Box House (Miami)

Some people want to grow up to live in a mansion or something
fancy. I would be cool with something like this. JDLP

Boom Box building by Sonni. Art Basel Miami

Thanks for sharing DJ Huggs

Friday, January 7, 2011

"THE STORY OF THE WU-TANG CLAN" Sun Jan 9th (Movie, Music & Original samples)


Since WU TANG fever is in the air.. it's only rite that we pay tribute to
the Clan this Sunday night 1.09.11

Check out the critically acclaimed Hip Hop documentary on the Wu Tang Clan
(9pm start)

The tale of the mighty and fractious Wu-Tang Clan is full of highs, lows, feuds, death, and blunts. The documentary will take an in-depth look at the Staten Island rap group that was a pioneer in the industry.

After the movie.. music & original samples by DJs PNS & Jesse De La Pena.
Hosted by Spo(Rubber Room Fame / Blue groove Lounge)

Free pizza, Popcorn, Best of Wu Tang Mix CDs & Drink specials.

Crocodile 1540 N. Milwaukee Ave. 21+ (8pm-2am)


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