Friday, January 21, 2011

Masters of the Mix (Full season)

Not sure if you guys have been watching this? It's been out for some months now..
But it's deff.. worth checking out, I'm hooked.. but I don't have cable at the moment, so this is my way of catching up on it. Enjoy!

(Once you get to the site.. you do have to enter a birthday (Age verification) since it's on a Liquor sponsored website. Once you are there.. go to the top and hit the episodes drop down which one you want to see.

Masters of the Mix official site

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JDLP said...

I'm diggin this. One of my favorite points of the show is where there is a challenge between DJ Rap & DJ Mars & Just Blaze gives it to Rap & everyone is mad, Just Blaze tells Mars that he's heard all those records he played before & he didn't do anything to set himself apart or establish who he was.

Rap may have not been as technical as Mars .. but she did something different & created an energy that elevate things. Real talk! Big Up Super Producer / DJ Just Blaze!!! JDLP