Friday, January 21, 2011

Just blaze.. mix.. (I Got A New Mixer)


I just bought the pioneer djm-2000. I had no speakers for this mix.. (it was 5am) only headphones. couldnt wait to try it out tho. being that i had no speakers and couldnt monitor well, there are obviously mistakes and screw ups. but it was all in fun i was just learning the mixer, this thing has a zillion and one features and i was using them all at once! =D. i actually ended up having some moments! dont judge me. just having some fun with a new toy. I will upload a real follow up now that im a little comfortable with this thing. i definitely got in a little zone at like 1 hour 27 minutes. enjoy and dont laugh AT me please.. laugh with me =)

From Just Blaze:

Just recorded a 3 hour mess of a mix. 90s rave, 80s pop, trance, disco house and.. Nelly furtado? If it's not too embarrassing I'll upload.

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