Monday, March 22, 2010

Late Nite Grub

I always get excited when I discover a new Late Nite Spot. DJs.. you know how it is when you get out of work at 3 or 4 am .. you don't want to deal with all the crazies that were at the club or wait in line for a table like it was a club. We all have our list of favorite places that are 24 hrs or open at least open till the early morning. Every city needs a good list. Part of me wants to keep these all to myself.. but since it's just us DJs & some party people.

Some of my favorites:

Pick Me Up Cafe (24 hours on the weekend) Clark & Sheffield

Melrose on Broadway (24 hrs)

Emerald City (till 4 am weekends) China Town - Cermack
Nookies (Boys town)
Much quieter then the other location (Halsted- Lincoln Park) They purposely turns up the volume of the music (Bad 80's) louder & louder & louder & louder to make everyone feel like they are still at the bar & avoid fights I was told by the waitress? WTH??
I was like why am I screaming at my friends just to have a conversation? :D

Elly's Pancake House (formally Michael's & Mitchell's) Clark & North Ave.

These are just a few.. feel free to add more in the comments.

Peace to all my Vampires out there.. See you at the next Vampier Brunch!!! JDLP


DJ Intel said...

San Soo Gob San
Pick Me Up
Late Night Thai (formerly River Khai)
Tempo Grill

Patrick Wayne said...

there is a killer pizza place on division that i always used to hit up when i got done at Mother's...forget the name though.

Yvonne said...

...just to add to the good ones already mentioned
Tecalitlan (only till 3am)
Chicago Pizza & Pie-Eyed pizza
Nookies (sp?)

Pork Diesel said...

UP north, MOntrose and Western is a kick-ass throwback diner. It's like a time machine, and the prices are low too. Jerri's Grill is always my late night spot for greasy diner goodness (patty melt). If you're in the mood for middle eastern (Iraqui to be exact) Al Amira on the corner of Kedzie/Lawrence hits the spot. Careful, though, that corner is heavy LKst, so if you're affiliated, beware.

MassT said...

River Kwai was definitely my favorite back in the day... the place ran by its own rules, sometimes not even opening until after 10pm, you had to call about 2 hours in advance sometimes,
but the food was off the chain!! I would order a couple Curries and stock up for the week!