Friday, July 16, 2010


Jackin The Box Vol. 8
strictly underground and better.

Track list:

Yass f/ LT Brown - No Lies (Dub)
Julien Chaptal - Pump
Filthy Rich - Carnivale
Ian Pooley & Phil Fuldner - La Mania (David Herrero Remix)
Sebastien Leger - Binola
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey
Felix Baumgardner & Juan Kidd f/ Lisa Millet - Now Youre Gone
Thomas Schumaker - Yara
Gary Beck - Say What
H2 - The Bus To Mexico City
Lutzenkirchen - Stealth Run
Edwin Oosterwal - Beat The Dirt
Pitto - Feelin (Joris Voorn Remix)
Anil Chawla - Do It
Reboot - Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Remix)
NDKj - Nobody Can Do This (Olav Basoski Remix)
LYS - Few Things
Gramophonedzie - Street Lady
Patrick Wayne - Midnight Jazz
The Black Project - In The Disco
Markfunk - Francisco


Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Patrick Wayne was introduced to House Music while it was still in its infancy through radio stations WGCI and most notably WBMX quickly gaining an interest in what would become almost an obsession. After receiving his first DJ setup in 1986 and after putting on that first record, Patrick has never looked back.
Being influenced by some of the best DJs in the business, Patrick knew his skills had to be sharp if he wanted to make a name for himself. “All I used to do after school was come home and get on the turntables and practice until I had to go to bed”
In 1993 Patrick held a Saturday night residency at a local northern Illinois nightclub when one of the main DJ’s that influenced him walked through the doors. “I remember thinking…I have to show this guy what I got…so I started doing a couple little tricks and did some scratching…” It worked. “He came to the booth, asked who I was and gave me some respect…that felt awesome.”

A year later, he discovered that that same DJ he wanted to impress, opened a record store. So through hanging out, he became a member of one of the most respected DJ crews in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, The Mixxmobb, and from 1996 until 2000, he released several extremely well selling mixtapes under the name Opie “Kuttingham” and eventually became general manager of the record store. Fast forward to 2005, after leaving the retail world, Patrick got into producing, and a friend of his was starting a digital only label called Immense Records. “I got into producing because I always thought of that being the ‘next level’ after DJing…and it has always been something ive wanted to do since the 80’s” Eventually Patrick was given his own label as a sub label of Immense called Content Recordings, but when Immense closed down, Content became a whole new project. “I was doing everything myself besides producing some of the tracks…I was A&R, graphic designer, accountant…it was definitely a one man show” The label got to become more of a headache and I was trying to wear too many hats, so I decided that January 1st 2010, it was time to close it down.

Since closing Content, Patrick has went on to work with local labels Bid Muzik, Direct Drive Digital, and Vibrance Recordings from the west coast to international labels Nocturnal Recordings and Deep 8 Records from the UK and Pro Sound Records from Holland and can be found on mostly all of the mp3 stores.
Patrick’s new single, “Soul Power” is set to release on Nocturnal Recordings in July 2010.


Yvonne said...

good stuff...nice to have this avenue to get to hear other talents out there...get to know them.

JDLP said...

Big up to Patrick..This was a good one to kick things off.

I'm looking forward to hearing some new DJs & the guys that have been at it for a while. This is long over due.. Too many time features becomes a way to just hook up your friends & are very political. I really want to reach out to every DJ who is serious about the craft. The art of mixing & scratching. Creativity at it's best.

Patrick Wayne said...

what an awesome outlet for us undergrounders..much respect.