Monday, March 21, 2011

New DJ JDLP interview 3.10.11

Jesse De La Pena interview recorded live on the "Music Vox" 89.5FM Chicago (Hosted by Jesse Menendez)

Jesse De La Pena Talks About First DJ Gigs, Acid Jazz, and Bringing Hip Hop to Chicago Clubs

Jesse De La Pena has recently joined Vocalo 89.5 FM as Music Curator and we invited him for an interview on MusicVox.

Jesse has been spinning records since 1985 and has helped lay foundation for Chicago Hip Hop scene, was still unrecognized outside the underground / street movements. Beyond Hip Hop, Jesse is known to spin some of the most eclectic sets in Chicago mixing genres like soul, blues, reggae, new wave, funk, rock, DnB, etc.

He is the cofounder of the Grammy nominated Liquid Soul ensemble who helped pioneering the Acid Jazz genre in the state.

Jesse begins by telling how he got into music and DJing and shares a story about his first DJ gig at Smart Bar in Chicago.

DJ JDLP Interview



JDLP said...

Hey guys
The recording of the DJ set a bit distorted but listenable.

Hope you like the interview & set. JDLP

Groove-Bunny said...

Thumbs up! [good thing I listened live, no distortion ; ) LOL]