Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Feature 9/24/10 The Internet Is Killing Home Taping by DJ Intel

The Internet Is Killing Home Taping By DJ Intel


Mixtapes By The Pound Intro - DJ Intel
Brazilian Love Grove ReEdit - DJ Intel
Wooha - Busta Vs 311
Dub To Go (Ancient Astronauts Remix) ReEdit - Kabanjak Vs Common
Numbers - Organized Konfusion
When I'm Small - Phantogram
Girls and Drums - DJ Intel Vs Mos Def Vs Wendy
Girl Shit - Abdominal
Got What I Need - Freddie Scott
The World Is Yours - Nas Vs Beastie Boys
6 Figures and Up - B.U.M.S.
Fifty - DJ Intel
Ooh - De La Soul Vs Devil McDoom
The City Is Mine - Zavala
Gettin' Hype - DJ Intel
You Know What I'm About - Lord Finese Vs Karizma Vs The Roots
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"The Internet Is Killing Home Taping by DJ Intel"

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Shortr bio

Solid technical skill, unmatchable versatility, and a true love for music are among the many things that separate DJ Intel from his contemporaries. His unique style makes him a fan favorite. Intel’s ability to spin many genres, including house, rock and contemporary as well as hip hop classics, keeps the dance floor full and leaves the people wanting more at the end of the night.

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