Friday, August 20, 2010

"FRIDAY FEATURE" 8.20.10 DJ Hotwhellkee

Hey everyone this is DJ Hotwheelkee aka Ahkee McMillan. I been in the music game for over 20 years, started out djing. My creativity didn't stop there. I been re-mixing for a few yrs. now. I have traveled abroad sharing the love I have for house music. I am looking forward to working on a new project. House is the way. If you have certain question please feel free to ask Jesse


1. Burn Babe Burn - Paolo Barbato feat. Keith Thompson (Hotwheelkee Re-Edit)
2. Better Way - Seb Skalski feat. Barry Solone (Hotwheelkee Re-Edit)
3. Body Music - Souldynamic feat L.T. Brown (Souldynamic Bigga Mix)
4. Celebrate - Grand High Priest (Hotwheelkee Re-Edit)
5.You Can't Hide - Dimitri From Paris (Hotwheelkee Re-Edit)
6. Dead On It - UTEN1 (Hotwheelkee Re-Edit)

Link to mix:

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